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Boise Tennis Coalition, Inc.

Boise Tennis Coalition, Inc.
Over 100 Members.
Free Beginning Lessons For All Ages!

The Boise Tennis Coalition, an Idaho 501-C3 non-profit corporation, was formed in August 1995 for the purpose of creating opportunities for individuals desiring to play tennis year-round.

  Chuck Seldon
3077 Bonview
Boise, ID 83712
Phone: (208) 954-2788
(208) 375-3662
Or Gloria Hansen
Phone: 208-362-5552
  To learn more about the Boise Tennis Coalition.

Weekly Playing Schedule

Summer Schedule:
        We will begin playing at Julia Davis Park at 8:00 AM
        Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday

Winter Schedule: The Fort Boise Tennis Courts have been remodeled.
        We will begin playing at Fort Boise Park at 1:00 PM
        Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday

Board of Directors

  • President: Charles E Seldon. Ph.D. (208) 954-2788
  • Treasurer: Gloria Hansen (208) 362-5552
  • Manager: Paul Seaman (208) 371-6690
Endorsed by:
  • Boise Parks and Recreation
  • United States Tennis Assn.
  • Idaho Tennis Assn.
  • Boise Tennis Club
  • St. Lukes - Tennis Challange
  • First Security Bank - Tennis Challange
  • Greg Patton - BSU Tennis Coach
  • Barbara Chandler - The Raquet Club
  • Idaho Senior Games
  • Idaho Commission on Aging
  • A.A.R.P - Boise Chapter
  • R.S.V.P. - Ada County
  • Boise Community Center
  • Elks Reabilitation Hospital
  • Y.M.C.A
  • Healthwise, Inc.

Welcome to the Boise Tennis Coalition

  • What is the tennis coalition? The Boise Tennis Coalition is a fun-loving group of men and women who, regardless of skill and experience, enjoy participating in the life-long sport of tennis. We have approximately 100 members.

  • Where do we play? Julia Davis Park is our primary site. However, in fun-loving group of men and women who, regardless of skill and experience, deference to an occasional tournament there, our secondary site is the Community Center Courts adjacent to the Senior Center.

  • What is the play schedule? Typically, we play Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday starting at 8:00 a.m. and usually ending around 11:00 a.m. The time of day may vary depending on weather and season. During the winter months, we play from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Community Center Courts.

  • Is a specific age and/or skill required to participate? While the majority of our members are older and have experience playing tennis, we welcome all ages and skill levels. For the beginner, free tennis instruction is provided.

  • What are the goals/benefits of the Coalition? Our main purpose is to provide the opportunity of playing tennis to anyone who is interested. Along with tennis, however, includes the benefit of physical activity laughter, and fellowship. Also, the Coalition is the driving force behind an effort to build an indoor tennis facility in Boise City.

  • Is there a membership fee? Membership in the Coalition is free, however, a minimum annual donation of $10.00 is suggested. Donated monies are used in the writing and development of grants for the purpose of making an indoor tennis facility a reality

Veterans' Program

The Boise Weekly newspaper ran an article describing Chuck Seldon’s initiative to help returning veterans adjust to “normal life” with the assistance of the Boise Tennis Coalition. The article was published in October 2011, but the program continues today, through 2013 and beyond.

Soldier “The Group Welcomes Veterans Home
with Free Tennis Equipment & Lessons”

-- Boise Weekly, Stephen Foster

“A local group is hoping to help ease veterans back into civilian life with some friendly games of tennis. The Boise Tennis Coalition is a collective of senior citizens that meets a few times a week to trade volleys of a less-than-lethal nature.

“’A lot of veterans are coming back soon, and when they do, they’re separated from their life-and-death buddies in the service,’ said Charles Seldon, president of the Boise Tennis Coalition. ‘Then they get into town and there are no jobs. They sit home and think that this is the country they fought for and now they can’t get a job, or anything! A lot of them have battle fatigue and others have mental stress, so we’re hoping some tennis can make things a little easier on them.’“

“Though the Boise Tennis Coalition is primarily made up of senior citizens, all ages and skill levels are welcome. The Coalition has members who teach lessons, and they intend to help beginners and novices become familiar with the game. In addition to free lessons, veterans will be provided free rackets, balls and other necessary supplies to get them started.

“‘The point of this is to have fun,’ said Seldon. ‘Tennis is just such a fun game because you get to come here and have a good work out, make friends, have fellowship and enjoy the game.’“

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