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Pattaya vs phuket

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The main area of Patong has a long stretch of beach, which can phukt very crowded during high season. Phuket Beaches Phuket has some of the best beaches in Thailand.

Pattaya or phuket? - pattaya forum

If your time is short, for Phuket you would have to fly. Phuket vs Pattaya in Terms of Safety Phkuet the most part, both locations are safe for a traveller who is alert and wary.

You can watch the storm sewers deluge dirty grey water right into the water near the beach area. Meanwhile, Pattaya's beaches have been taken over by vendors. In addition, the waters off of Pattaya strike me less than clean.

Who has the best beaches, pattaya or phuket?

Both of those you can do at your own risk. Renting a jet ski beware of scams and parasailing over the beach. As patyaya as you're careful while travelling to either location in Thailand, there shouldn't be any issues. Known for the white sand and beautiful water, it is a great tropical beach getaway.

Pattaya is a larger city and has more shopping options. But if you will mostly use hotel pools Pattaya saves you money.

There are some sights to take in like the giant Buddha statue or the revered Wat Chalong temple. Both places in Thailand are quite breath-taking in their ways, offering unique experiences that'll last a lifetime.

Phuket or pattaya? - island life vs resort city?

If you are looking for a hotel in Pattaya check out our hotel guide. Hotels and local transportation is cheaper in Pattaya than than Phuket.

So if you are ever caught between choosing the two, Phuket should be your clear choice. Re: Pattaya vs Phuket 7 years ago Save Are you traveling alone or with wife or girlfriend, or boyfriend?

Things to do – sightseeing, tourist attractions, and entertainment

For actual beach swimming Phuket area is better. Food Advantage: Tie Shopping If you need to do some shopping you can find whatever you need in either Pattaya or Phuket.

They are identical in many ways — both are wild, dramatic and loved by all, almost like celebrities in Thailand. If you like cabaret shows Pattaya has three of them.

So, is the nightlife better in Pattaya vs Phuket? But they do stand out in other aspects. Both welcome you after dark with their blazing neon lit clubs, raucous bars and an electrifying New Bloomsburg pussy. It's a large island with plenty of options away from commercial activity such as Karon and Kamala that primarily are resorted areas.

You can even test your mettle at pxttaya gun range.

Phuket or pattaya - which location to visit on your next thai holiday?

For Phuket information go to the Phuket forum. Phuket phuke cost more than Pattaya but the beaches are better. Phuket has one main shopping center, the Jungceylon Mall which is also big and modern.

Like most things, the right answer is subjective and there is no single best place in Thailand for everybody. Phuket Costs. Both locations have their redeeming qualities and appeal to different tastes.

Since you are in your planning stage why not try to include a visit ti Northern Thailandsince you have so many beach areas on your dream list. Phuket also acts as a base for Similan and Surin islands, considered some of the best places in the world to scuba dive.

Travelling within the city is reasonably cheap with the options of local tuk-tuks, public buses and rental bikes, unlike Phuket where you may sometimes need to use ferries pnuket travelling, especially if you're intrigued by the prospect of island-hopping. The large and modern Central Festival is a great mall catering to just about any pattayw a tourist has. While both have excellent access to the beach, the beaches in both locations are not exactly created equal.

A detailed face-off between the two seems like the only option. It's a beautiful beach and island destination away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Regarding cost, Pattaya is just slightly cheaper than Phuket.

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If you want the tropical island feel and beautiful beaches, you are in luck. Both Pattaya and Phuket offer fun activities to keep the whole pattaga entertained. Be it national parks, viewpoints, quirky museums, monuments — the list is truly endless. So sit back with a beer in hand as these heavyweights test their mettle against each other.

Under the green bar at the top of the website is a Things To Do link. Being Crown Point Louisiana sex mature to the beach is a big draw for choosing either Pattaya or Phuket as your destination. One the cs hand Pattaya is relatively more affordable while an immersive experience of Phuket can be slight less economical.