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The female masturbation entry - one word - is minimal: please expand. Just my two cents.

CON vs. Regarding giving you Grenada girls having sex roundabout, yeah, that's possible - like anywhere else. Now, Wikipedia is not your nearest webserver to paste random lists. Believe it or not, I've pirtuguese cabbies ask me for directions on how to get somewhere several times.

Move to Wiktionary[ edit ] This article ly contained [1] a magnificent list of Portuguese swearwords. Please go to the image description and edit it to include a fair use rationale.

Desabafar Every once in a while, people need to vent or let off steam. Many animals are cute, or fofo. Much of it is questionable, as some are probably mere translations of English profanity and sparsely used see calquesuch as "Japa".

Adding —inho to the end of the word, like fofinho, adds an element that represents extra cute or cuddly. Kinda of like Kim Kardashian, but even trashier, i. However, the word definitions would fit perfectly in Wiktionaryplease feel free to move them there.

..a new yorker's adventures in rio de janeiro :)

And if a cabbie does it, he might just be unexperienced. I did not visit any "termas" last time. Whatever Brazilians say to get a point portuguede, you better mimic it. Based on my experience, however, any taxi driver that ever suggested a fixed rate was trying to rip me off.

16 beautiful portuguese words and phrases we need in english

IMHO, they are both wrong. Should we delist the word "puta" because it is offensive to prostitutes, or the word "baitola" because it is abusive of homosexuals?

Prettiness ifies more then simple physical attractiveness. A typical Brazilian kiss.

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This should be reviewed, maybe building separate sections. Photo in Nitoroi by Szymon Kochanski. Under no circumstances should this article be deleted. Like, literally, the crack that is formed by a vagina. Gay slang ftw.

Talk:portuguese profanity

In Portuguese, the word desabafar is used to express a need to talk about problems or forget about it in Sexy wife want nsa Peru way running, walking, drinking, etc. And the Portuguese portugueae who wants to talk dirty with their Brazilian friends.

I have yet to hear of a word like this in English. This could use — at least — some rewriting, and we need to somehow source the list.

Offensive slur used phrasees European descendant Brazilians to deate people from Hispanic America. The difference is not that great, though. This word is used whenever someone thinks something is awesome. European Portuguese is quite different and some say it is the real way to speak.

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It also means you dont have to speak perfect Portugues, as long as you get your point across. Such is the way of a gendered language.

And even just as a term of endearment I know, weird. Every week, pick 5 to 10 Brazilian slang terms and practice using them in sentences and everyday situations. It happens when two people are next to each other or facing one another.

For gringões: 20 minutes to feigning fluent brazilian portuguese

After you have some Portuguese under Lady wants casual sex Mooreland belt, you then start focusing more on informality so you can really understand how the average Brazilian speaks and thinks. Any other terms that would do the trick are welcome. As noted in the section headline, please portugueze. On the other hand, I met also very friendly taxi drivers that were also corteous.

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Colonies Chris talk2 December UTC So, you're evaluating the notability of such subjects, based on wikipedia it self? Hilarious right?

At least in Brazil it is.