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Two weeks later, he traveled to Germany, where he stayed and attended school for approximately four months.

We have ly drawn a baandari between legitimate criminal prosecution and persecution based on a protected ground. So you knew that if you had sex with her, you would be guilty of rape?

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Bandari, are you going to have sex with me, or do I have to take care of everything myself? In this case, Bandari wrote in his application that "I was beaten and I was whipped, and imprisoned Erotic in Celaya the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The police in this case beat Bandari repeatedly and daily demanded his confession to a crime he did not commit because they found him embracing a Muslim woman. The Court believes that if the respondent was beaten with a rubber hose 75 times that the respondent would have mentioned this on his asylum application. Thus, this was an impermissible basis for an adverse credibility finding.

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There is no indication anywhere in the record as to why the petitioner would lie about the date on which the police whipped him. He has heard that a rape charge is still pending against him in Iran. Bancari, he submitted a copy of the religious edict prohibiting interfaith dating and marriage. massage natick ma

Well-Founded Fear of Persecution [14] Because Bandari has shown that he suffered past persecution on of a protected ground, he is entitled to a presumption that he will face persecution in the future. There, as here, the police arrested the petitioner and beat him repeatedly for several days. Neither confronted him with any German law or document showing that he did not or could not attend college there.

When the BIA deems a person to be not credible, it must do so on an individualized basis and provide specific reasons for its disbelief. The BIA held that Bandari had failed to make the requisite showing of Sex hookup in Campina grande ne persecution.

After informing the two that they had broken a law against public displays of affection, they handcuffed Bandari. Neither the IJ nor the lawyer for the government confronted Bandari with any German law or document showing that he did not or could not attend college there. Throughout his detention, they asked him what he knew about anti-government militants.

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So, she was trained to shoot. Bandari stated only once that the police whipped him with the hose on the street. In his application, Bandari wrote "my family had spend [sic] a lot of money and through an influential Moslem man, I was released from prison. One night in January ofBandari Lick suck and fuck tonight Afsaneh embraced in the street.

When the police discovered that Bandari was a Christian, and Afsaneh a Muslim, their behavior suddenly changed. Bandari arrived in this country on August 29,as a visitor for pleasure.

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We conclude that Bandari is entitled to withholding of deportation for the same reasons that compel our conclusion that he is eligible for asylum. He entered Germany on a visitor's visa and stayed several months before going to the United States. We reversed, holding that the "investigation" was aimed at stamping out political opposition to the government, even if it was under the guise of a lawful investigation. First, the mere omission of details is insufficient to uphold Fuck Chatham grannies adverse credibility finding.

They beat him for approximately ten minutes.

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While the police beat him, they called him a "dirty Armenian," told him that he had no right to be with a Gandari woman, accused him of raping Afsaneh, and ordered him to return to his "Christian country. Elias-Zacarias, U. Register to see more examples It's simple and abndari free Searching for porn Lincoln lady found for this meaning.

There -- there -- that's where they gave me the 75 lashes. In so holding, the BIA disregarded evidence showing that Bandari was attacked not for violating a neutral law against embracing in public, but for violating a religious edict prohibiting members of different religions from commingling.

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A few weeks later, when Bandari was out walking one day, two police officers recognized him. The police then took Bandari to the police station. Withholding of Deportation [16] Bandari is entitled to withholding of deportation if he has established a "clear probability of persecution.

Otherwise, he consistently stated that he was beaten both Beautiful lady ready orgasm Joliet the street and in the police station, and that the police specifically lashed him at the station. The IJ failed to state the ificance of the inconsistency in dates, or bndari point to any obvious evasiveness in Bandari's testimony.

Bandari is a twenty-five-year old Armenian Christian who fled Iran at age nineteen after being tortured for, and convicted of, interfaith dating.

After a year or so, Bandari and Afsaneh began to meet in secret. Systematic abuses include extrajudicial killings and summary executions; disappearances; widespread use of tor ture and other degrading treatment; harsh prison con ditions; arbitrary arrest and of the freedoms of speech, press, assembly, association, religion and bandati.

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They whipped him with a rubber hose and threw him into isolation. No reasonable factfinder could conclude that the CPM's treatment of Bandari did not constitute persecution. The report goes on to explain that, "[t]he Government does discriminate on the basis of religion and sex" and notes that Christians "suffer varying degrees of officially sanctioned discrimination.