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Sloppy seconds from my wife

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Ohio state lost to Dayton today and UK ,y Kansas state tomorrow night. Or just for the fun of it; maybe someone said go find (fill in blank) and this is it, who knows.

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I caressed them both and kissed her deeply and whispered to her how beautiful she was.

I watched TV until 11 and finally gave up and went to bed. She looked a little shocked, but I told her not to be afraid, I have good control.

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Boy did that set my mind awhirl. Even though she found them exciting, she didn't really want to try it until a few weeks ago. I, on the other hand, have not.

The next morning Linda verified again that I was okay with it then dressed very suggestively but still professionally. This is when I finally got erect! She knows I love to watch him inside her and she says she loves me watching.

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I love it. I'm not sure why. I was in a foursome with them two weekends ago. I was ridiculously hard now.

I went down on her again and licked up more of the cream around her vagina and off her thigh. It just felt too good to have him use a condom. Abonneren 10,2K. Click to expand Suddenly she stopped and looked me directly in the eyes and said, "I never knew how much fun this could be, I hope you don't mind but I told Frank that you are okay with this so tomorrow he's coming Irish milf from Lewes with me and we're going to put on a show for you.

I asked "B" if I could dip my cock into his wife bareback. She asked me if I really meant all that talk about her fucking someone else to which I answered a emphatic "Yes!

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The final extra Personal San Antonio 4 you also very nice to me: she walks around naked or wearing just a short neglije allowing me to see the sperm oozing and running down on her inner thighs It was fun recounting the nights highlights in a crowded family restaurant. The wfe for a moment but gave me the go-ahead. I loved it when he got real hard and I felt his cock spurting deep inside my seclnds.

She told me all that happened and how tomorrow was going to be even better. Later we showered together, then we slept in the king sized bed. Go ahead, shoot your load in there and mix it with his.

We fooled around Women seeking casual sex Bogota New Jersey didn't really have sex the next morning. Linda works in an office as an administrative assistant, another word for secretary, and has a lot of contact with outside personnel. Her cunt felt wet and warm as well as stretched out. I could tell by her tone that she was interested. Not just sex, but love. She walked in the bedroom looking totally used and said, "well, big guy, want to feel my pussy!

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I told Linda about it and we started Sexy wives want sex Cloverdale the stories together. I fucked her a little more after cleaning her up but she felt too good, I had to pull out. I was hard all day thinking about her seducing Frank. After "S" left, "B" and "C" started making love, as I laid beside them.

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She always remarks how it feels to have two lo of cum mixing inside her before she showers. Housewives wants real sex Morrilton cock nearly burst it's cum into her pussy. She was getting really turned on by all this and said, "honey, I hope you like this because I like to have you take sloppy seconds, doesn't it turn you on to know that another man's cock has filled me up?

We said our good-byes, hugged, kissed, sweetly, and I went home. I sunk my cock as deep as it would go and relaxed on top of her, feeling her warm skin of her body and her legs wrap around me.

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Once she was totally nude she came over and rubbed her wet snatch over wire cock and said, "how do you like having another man's cum in your wife's pussy? Linda met him on his first day here and when she got home she told me that he was really "hot".

She leaned back slopoy said, "that really did the trick, I hope you don't mind that I road him bareback all day. Of course I had to clean up the mess I made.

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I can feel your cock getting harder. With that she whisked out the door. I pulled out completely and wiped my wet cock on her thigh.

I'm oozing his cum down my legs so you better stick your penis in there while it's still full. She is absolutely stunning when she dresses up. Same with us.